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Ausgewählte Primärliteratur zu Vernon Lee:


Lee, Vernon, Euphorion: Being Studies of the Antique and the Medieval in the Renaissance, (London, 1884).
Lee, Vernon, Renaissance Fancies and Studies: Being a Sequel to Euphorion, (London, 1895).


Lee, Vernon, Belcaro: Being Essays on Sundry Aesthetical Questions, (London, 1881).
Lee, Vernon, Juvenilia. Being a second series of Essays on Sundry Aesthetical Questions, (London, 1887).
Lee, Vernon, "Essais d'esthétique empirique", in: Revue Philosophique 59.1 (1905), p. 46-60 und 59.2 (1905).
Lee, Vernon and Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina, Beauty and Ugliness, (London, 1912).
Lee, Vernon, The Beautiful: an introduction to psychological aesthetics, (Cambridge, 1913).
Lee, Vernon, "Introduction" in: Anstruther-Thomson, Clementina, Art and Man: Essays and Fragments, (London, 1924).
Lee, Vernon, "Problèmes et Méthodes de l'Esthétique Empirique", in: Janet, Pierre und Dumas, Georges (eds.), Journal de Psychologie normale et pathologique, Bd. 23, (Paris, 1926).


Lee, Vernon, Studies of the Eighteenth Century in Italy, (London, 1880).
Lee, Vernon, Gospels of Anarchy and other contemporary studies, (London, 1908).
Lee, Vernon, Proteus or the Future of Intelligence, (London, 1925).


Lee, Vernon, The Handling of Words and Other Studies in Literary Psychology, (London, 1923).


"Psychologie d'un écrivain sur l'art", in: Revue Philosophique 56.8 (1903), p. 225-237.
"Introduction. Being Notes on Some Applications of Mnemic Principle in Recent Psychological Literature" in: Semon, Richard, Mnemic Psychology, (London, 1923), Sp. 11-53.


Lee, Vernon, Vital Lies. Studies of some varieties of recent obscurantism, (London, 1912).


Lee, Vernon, Music and its lovers. An Empirical Study of Emotional and Imaginative Responses to Music, (London, 1932).

Ausgewählte Sekundärliteratur zu Vernon Lee:

Colby, Vineta, Vernon Lee - A Literary Biography, (Charlotteville and London, 2003).
Gunn, Peter, Vernon Lee. Violet Paget 1856-1935, (London, 1964).
Psomiades, Kathy Alexis, "'Still Burning from This Strangling Embrace': Vernon Lee on Desire and Aesthetics", in: Dellamore, Richard (ed.), Victorian Sexual Dissidence, (Chicago & London, 1999), p. 21-42.
Robbins, Ruth, "Vernon Lee: Decadent Woman?", in: Stokes, John (ed.), Fin de Siècle/Fin du Globe. Fears and Fantasies of the Late Nineteenth Century, (NY, 1992), p. 139-161.
Schabert, Ina, "An Amazon in Venice: Vernon Lee's 'Lady Tal'", in: Pfister, Manfred und Schaff, Barbara (Hg.), Venetian Views, Venetian Blinds: English Fantasies of Venice, (Amsterdam, 1999), S. 155-168.
Vicinus, Martha, The Adolescent Boy: Fin de Siècle Femme Fatale?", in: Journal of the History of Sexuality 5.1 (1994), p. 90-114.
Zorn, Christa, Aesthetics, history, and the Victorian female intellectual, (Ohio, 2003).

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